DT Sportscards will process your submission within 5 days of receiving the cards from you and mail them to PSA. It usually takes 2 business days for the cards to arrive at PSA and then can take up to 12 weeks to get logged into PSA’s system. This will vary depending on submission type. PSA has eliminated turnaround times. They now provide a “complete through date” which is the day before the date of the oldest open order for that specific service level. The “complete through date” is based on order entry date, which means the date that PSA formally entered the order for grading. Once the cards are graded, it usually takes 3 business days to be returned by PSA.  After your payment is received, your cards will be mailed to you within 1-2 business days.

The Declared Value is your estimate of the value of the item after it has been assigned a grade by PSA. The Declared Value acts as a maximum value for shipping insurance purposes and in the event of a claim related to the item, so it is imperative that you form an educated and realistic estimate based on your own research. It also determines the appropriate service level and service level pricing. PSA reserves the right to decline your stated Declared Value if they determine that the DV is understated relative to market value of the card. If PSA declines your stated Declared Value, you will be required to pay for the accurate service level as determined by PSA as a condition of them completing the grading process. 

Your cards stay together within a specific order and are not co-mingled with another customer’s cards to ensure that the card you submit is the card you receive back after grading. PSA keeps everything in the order the submissions are received by them. 

Yes. Each service level submission should be bundled together and clearly labeled.

You can track your submission in your Order Tracker section within your account page. You will also be notified of submission updates via text message and email! The order tracker will be continually updated as statuses change. When grades populate, you will be notified via text and email with results. Grades will also be available to view in your account.

Once DT Sportscards receives your cards back from PSA, you will be notified of your payment totals. The following payment options are accepted: PayPal Goods and Services (additional fees apply), Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, and Cash App.

The extra costs involved are:

  1. PSA is currently accepting top loaders because of the shortage of supplies so you may submit the cards in card savers or top loaders at this time.
  2. Return Shipping/Insurance from PSA: This is determined by taking the return shipping charge from PSA and dividing by the number of cards in the order. For example, if the cost from PSA to send back was $37 and there was 100 cards in the order, the cost for you would be $0.37 per card. Costs will vary based on number of cards in the order and costs of return shipping/insurance.
  3. Paypal fees: Only Goods and Services will be accepted for Paypal so fees will be extra. There are no fees if paying with Venmo, Zelle, or Cash App.

We do offer a grading prep service for a minimal fee. See more information about this service here.

PSA assigned a minimum number of cards for the Value level service when they updated their pricing on 3/1/2021. The minimum number for Value level is 10 which means that we will only submit a value level order when we have received 10 cards. No other service levels have a minimum number required.